Awards for Outstanding Instructional Development

Deadline for Submission of Proposals – February  28, 2013

Award for Outstanding Instructional Development Application Form (pdf)

The Metroversity Awards for Instructional Development were created to encourage the ongoing improvements of instructional development among full-time faculty of member institutions. They are generously funded through the Grawemeyer Foundation.


  1. The submitted proposal must involve a course that is or will be part of the approved curriculum where the faculty member teaches.
  2. The goals and outcomes of the course must be indicated and the means of measuring the outcomes must be included.
  3. The methodology of the course should be described in general terms and may be accompanied by a syllabus.
  4. An abstract of 200 words or less must accompany the entry.
  5. The proposal should only include technology usually available to most institutions.
  6. Cost of the instructional plan must be within the general scope of a departmental budget.  The instructional plan may not include out-of-town travel for students or instructors.
  7. Previous winning projects are not eligible for the competition.  Previous winners of the award are eligible.
  8. The award winners will be expected to employ the methodology proposed in an actual teaching situation in the near future.
  9. Winners will be expected to share their expertise with other Metroversity faculty members either through the Metroversity website or at a Master Teacher seminar in the fall of 2013.



  1. Complete the Award for Outstanding Instructional Development Application Form (pdf). Save the completed form and email to with the proposal and abstract (see below).
  2. If there are multiple instructors, each must submit an application sheet.

Proposal: Please include:

  1. Title of course for which this proposal is submitted
  2. Identify the student population being served.
  3. Identify the teaching and learning problem(s) that the proposal addresses.
  4. Identify the specific objectives or learning outcomes that are identified.
  5. Briefly describe the methodology employed to accomplish these objectives.
  6. Briefly describe the evaluation process that you will use to determine the success of your project.
  7. Identify any technology, media or tools utilized.
  8. Include a budget outlining the cost of your project.
  9. Provide any additional details that may be useful in describing your proposal.


On a separate sheet, write an abstract of the proposal in 200 words or less.


  1. Submit the application, proposal and abstract (with name and contact information on each) as  Word documents  to:
    Kathleen Mandlehr
    Executive Director of Kentuckiana Metroversity .
  2. You will receive an email confirming that your submission has been received.
  3. All eligible submissions will be sent to a panel of university and college faculty members.  The judges may not be faculty at any of the Metroversity institutions.
  4. The judges are asked to rank the submissions and a point system will be used to determine the top four proposals.
  5. A cash award of $1000 will be given to each of the winners at an award ceremony on April 10, 2013.

Examples of Past Winners

  • “Reducing Math Anxiety and Improving Standards in College Algebra Courses by Using Special Techniques and Peer Responsibility” by Mr. Michael Bankhead, Bellarmine University.
  • “Faith and Money” by Dr. John Mulder and Dr. Dianne Reistroffer, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
  • “The Application of Human Resources Management Concepts: The Group Case Study and Real-Works Case Study Methods” by Carrie Donald, University of Louisville.